7 signs that you are living a life of purpose.


Living a life of purpose requires tremendous courage. Between assaults of insecurities, discomfort when leaving our comfort zone, and other doubts that keep us awake at night, the same question comes to mind: “Why am I doing all this?” Of course, we always return to the conclusion: we do it to achieve our next goal that allows us to reach a more distant goal, which in turn allows us to live our life purpose.

But, even so, our brain can be so insistent to show us the way back to its comfort zone that we need signals that we are on the right track…

1. The perception of obstacles changes

You have been on track towards your life purpose for some time and surely you have encountered a multitude of obstacles by now. What is your current perception of obstacles?

Most people see impediments in obstacles. The most normal thing in fact is to try to avoid them (without realizing that, by avoiding them, we are heading towards other types of obstacles, or we deviate from what we really want)

By living a life of purpose, you will always have a clear picture of what lies beyond the obstacles. You will have assumed that the path is made up of barriers and situations that can be overcome with more or less time

Are you constantly trying to avoid obstacles? Perhaps you go with the intention of living your life purpose, but you get stuck in fixed mindset reactions. We work on this aspect in NeuroChange consultation.

2. You enjoy the process, without obsessing about the result.

Are you constantly wrong, but are you learning from your mistakes?

Do you think about “moving forward” more than about reaching your destination?

Do you “see the point” and do you feel good about what you are doing?

Surely it means that you are living a continuous action that corresponds to your values ​​and aligns with the mark you want to leave in this world.

Living a life of purpose includes a certain sense of Flow in our constant actions, even if we make mistakes in the process. If you also find Flow in the learning process, you are already on the right track.

However, if the process creates constant discomfort for you, you may not be living the life you deserve. Or it may also be that you do not have the right approach to learning. It can always be reinforced in consultation NeuroChange.

3. The purpose is no longer in the middle

You may go through several businesses, several careers, or several jobs before you find what truly gives you that sense of living your life on purpose. It’s totally normal. Personally, I set up several projects, all very different from the outside, but all with the same purpose (they served my purpose in life in some way). Once you focus on your life purpose, the ways to live it multiply. Keep on testing! As long as you have the possibility to tune, I invite you to do so. It is also part of the process of defining the purpose: it is reformulated and adjusted, simply because we are evolving and, above all, the world around us is changing by leaps and bounds A solution you provide today will surely need tweaking tomorrow to achieve the impact you want.

4. Your body confirms it (discomfort -> well-being)

It doesn’t matter how many hours you spend working, what your parents say, or anyone around you: your body confirms when you’re doing well.

I invite you to stop for about 5 minutes and meditate on your current emotional state: what emotions are you going through, and how are these emotions reflected by your body?

Then think about your purpose in life, about that big mark you want to leave, and refocus on your emotions and sensations. What does your body tell you?

Depending on what you notice… you will know if you are on the right track!

5. You see a clear purpose for it, which sometimes it is even difficult for you to explain with words

You go calm, even when from the outside it seems that everything is getting out of control. When they ask you what you do for a living, it’s even hard for you to explain because for you what really matters is “what you do it for” more than your activity itself. If you think in terms of “what for”, be sure that you are on the path of your purpose, and everything will eventually take shape.

6. You can die tomorrow

Although you obviously want to stay alive for many more years, you have this feeling that you are fulfilling your mission. You may be alone at the beginning of this mission, but you feel with a “clean soul”, without any remorse.

7. You can stare in the mirror for 3 minutes.

There’s only one way to find out: do it. For it:

  1. 1. Take 3 minutes alone with your reflection in the mirror, and stare at yourself for 3 minutes, in the eyes.
  2. 2. Observe what happens
  3. 3. After 3 minutes, you will know if you live in the right

Although our life purpose may seem enough to get up every day with the necessary strength to move forward, it is always recommended to lay the foundations for action and define a concrete plan towards intermediate goals.

And you, what is your next goal?

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