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La clave de la felicidad

A salary increase, health, more time, vacations, a stable relationship… so many reasons to bring us this blessed happiness, right? And yes… that a salary increase brings happiness! So do health, more time, holidays, and a stable relationship! All these expectations bring happiness when fulfilled. However, it seems that the effects of happiness fade over […]

7 signs that you are living a life of purpose.


Living a life of purpose requires tremendous courage. Between assaults of insecurities, discomfort when leaving our comfort zone, and other doubts that keep us awake at night, the same question comes to mind: “Why am I doing all this?” Of course, we always return to the conclusion: we do it to achieve our next goal […]

2 words that will get you going


“If I get scared, then…” How would you complete this sentence? Most of us would complete the sentence with something like: “…I give up” “… I start to shiver” “… I get serious” The vast majority of people complete the sentence with what they would normally do. It’s logical, right? However, to what extent are […]

What to consider when defining your life purpose?


Who wouldn’t want to live a life of purpose? It makes sense, and yet almost 90% of European employees said they don’t feel engaged in their work in 2021, according to GALLUP. In his study of terminally ill people’s biggest regrets, Tom Gilovich of Cornell University confirmed that most of those interviewed felt they had […]

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